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There was a time when the only sport that people got excited about in India was cricket. However, nowadays people have become aware of the qualities of other sports like shooting, archery, athletics, boxing etc. The media and film makers have played an important part in popularising sports in the country.

Nowadays sports events are held even in the night. The all night cricket matches were already popular, but other sports events are also held at night and for this electricity is needed in large amounts in order to provide the right level of lighting for the particular event.

If you have observed night cricket matches then you will have noticed the large floodlights that light up the entire stadium. A large amount of electricity is spent in these and if the mains power fails then it can ruin the entire game.

This is the reason that sports event managers nowadays opt for UPS on rent for sports. Kiefsolutions has a lot of such sports clients who take our UPS systems on rent. The UPS systems are not just required in night sports events, but also in the indoor sports like table tennis, chess, badminton and others.

The reason why the managers of sports events do not want to buy UPS systems is that the kind of systems required to light up an entire stadium outdoors or indoors, are very large and expensive.

If they buy these systems then they are blocking a large amount of money. At the same time, there is the hassle of looking after these systems when they are not in use. In other words, buying UPS systems for sports is not a viable thing. This is the reason they prefer to take UPS on rent for sports from us.

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