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Corporate companies have requirement of electric power 24x7 especially during conferencing. The power from the mains is unpredictable due to regular power cuts in this circumstances there is a necessity of UPS or uninterrupted power supply

Corporate companies have requirement of electric power 24x7 especially during conferencing. The power from the mains is unpredictable due to regular power cuts in this circumstances there is a necessity of UPS or uninterrupted power supply.

Corporate offices cannot afford to lose man hours because of power failures due to which they choose UPS on rent for corporate conferencing. It may look as if that they should pay for the UPS system, but renting it from us has its perks.

For case, whenever our company Kiefsolutions provides a UPS system on rent we also take the accountability of maintenance. Beside with the usual maintenance of these systems, we provide replacements in case the existing system cannot be repaired.

Our services are such that once a corporate office takes our UPS system on rent, they don’t have to worry about anything related to them. It is our responsibility to see that none of their daily activities are interrupted due to the problems in our systems.

Advantages of Renting a UPS from Kiefsolutions

Never-ending Power Flow: Make your business operations run effortlessly without any disturbance with a high-power and proficient UPS that ensures there is never-ending power flow at the facility. Whether you are an event management company or a start-up, a UPS system is crucial for the smooth running of all the business processes.

Power Backup during Blackout: Hosting events at outdoor amenities or having a virtual conference with significant clients on the other side of the earth, a power blackout can put a dent in your business operations. With our UPS renting services, we guarantee there is a 24x7 power support.

Prevent Data Loss: An unexpected power failure may guide to data loss. For companies that are managing a wealth of data, this could prove to be terrible. This is where a UPS can offer proper backup to your business applications and prevent loss of data.

Least Commitment: By renting a UPS, you get the machine at least amount commitment. Instead of making a heavy investment in buying a new UPS, just rent one from us to resolve the difficulty of power interruption. Get the necessary device installed in your office space by using our UPS rental services and enjoy its benefits without paperwork and enormous investment.


1. Group of Procuring Agents: As soon as you let us know about your UPS necessity, our team will start with the procurement procedure. Depending on the space and power backup need, we will get the best-suited UPS as per the requirement. Whether you require standby or battery UPS, our team can locate fully functional, secure, and trustworthy equipment.

2. Quality Assurance: Being industry leaders in UPS renting services, we plan at quality. With a team devoted to quality assurance, we make sure the units are high-performing and as per the firm’s exact desires. We deliver the best-quality UPS system that is specially selected by our professional engineers.

3. Appropriate Solutions: Our team evaluates your firm’s UPS necessity and offers appropriate solutions. Whether you need a 5KVA UPS or a higher range one, we can procure and provide the right device that provides proper power backup to your office space.

4. Economical Pricing: Whichever sort of UPS you need, whether for outdoor facilities, or workshops, or specific events, we offer reasonably priced UPS renting services tailored to fit your UPS requirement. Make an enquiry regarding the price range by contacting us and we will inform you the precise figure based on your requirement.

5. Get the Best UPS at Reasonable Prices: Kiefsolutions offers online UPS rental services. We offer a broad gamut of UPS systems to businesses of all sizes. With a consumer support team operating around the clock, our team enables firms to work without any kind of power blackout. Effectiveness, competency, and timely delivery of the devices are our objective.


All those events that need a usual supply of power require this power booster that is the UPS. It is a system that has chargeable batteries that are useful in situations and places where power supply is lost or cut for a few hours. Furthermore, it is one of the most reliable forms of power supply`s in case of both online and offline examinations. As the given name spells it is an uninterrupted form of power supply that is helpful for conducting exams both for the students and the centres conducting it? Therefore, it is always better to rent a UPS than to purchase one. Kiefsolutions are the best for UPS on Rental services. You can book UPS just by making a call to us 9810219177 or .

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